sharing in linux

Program used for data sharing is samba in linux. Samba package could be taken on intalasi cd distro linux or can be downloaded on the internet for free with no need to feel guilty as microsoft pirate software.
With samba you can access to and sharing of windows. Configuration that will be described in this module using Linux Mandrake 9.1, but not much difference and even perhaps the same with other distro. Next step installation and use of samba:
Intall package samba
Following packages to be installed:


2. Run samba service
root ~ root # / sbin / service start SMB
Starting SMB services: [OK]
Starting NMB services: [OK]


root ~ root # / etc / rc.d / init.d / start SMB
Starting SMB services: [OK]
Starting NMB services: [OK]

or adjust your distro.

Samba in order to run each time booting do the command:

root ~ root # / sbin / chkconfig on SMB

Create user
Folder sharing on your samba server5 will require
username and password for access. Users have a samba hubun
gan with a linux system but the user does not have the relationship to
password, so that we can make the system user password linux different
samba user with a password even though both have a user name
the same.

Following command to add user in linux Mandrake system:
root ~ root # adduser lab6 # sesuikan with the user you want
root ~ # passwd root lab6
Changing password for user lab6.
New UNIX password :********
Retype new UNIX password :********
passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully.

Following command to add a samba user (user name must have
on the linux system):

root ~ root # smbpasswd-a lab6
New SMB password:
Retype new SMB password:
Added lab6 user.
root ~ root # smbpasswd-e lab6
Enabled user lab6.

For more details read the smbpasswd - help
5Anda must truly understand what dimaksut with the server, so you do not have any understanding in this module is to translate

Using LinNeighborhood

LinNeighborhood program used to access data sharing on both linux and windows computer (NetBIOS-SSN). Make sure you have mengintall program. Usually LinNeighborhood Program is already on the distro cd.

Ganda click on the folder you want to access and enter a user name and password, if access is received then you can read the folder that you click on the folder ganda before the mount point be LinNeighborhood. Because you have believed terbisa with a tar-face graphics of this kind, please try, try to learn from other facilities LinNeighborhood. Please remember that LinNeighborhood can also be used to mengkases windows that open data sharing.

Samba configuration
Sebenarmya, to be able to run smba you must configure the samba configuration file / etc / samba / smb.conf, but because the file already exists when intalasi package is made, then to use the standard (such as initialization user folder) we do not need to configure the file it.
Next example is a simple configuration that is written in / etc / samba / smb.conf:
# write it on the end of the line
path = / tmp
guest ok = yes
writable = yes
browseable = yes

Description: tmp: Becoming a folder name that users see the path: the folder is given access guest ok: If yes then the value for the path does not have access ferifikasi user writable: If the value yes, users can write on the folder that dipath-kan browseable: If the value yes , users see the [tmp] on the list of folders disharing Many sekli parameters that can be used, please read the reference or read the manual to learn samba samba use a more complex

Windows Xp
1. Right-click on the folder you like (such as C: windows)
2. Select the Security Sharing your ...
3. Select the Sharing tab
4. Check this check box shared folder ...
5. Share Change the name if you want
6. If you allow users to change files in the folder
You sharingkan, select the check box Allow network users ...
7. Select ok and so on