sms Based

sms based reception facilities are used to receive SMS from a number of the sender is not limited in number.
This facility can be used to collect data, such as surveys, polls, polls, election chairman of the student senate, faculty selection of favorite or the other.

While the facility automatically reply to SMS can be used to provide information that is depending on the request SMS sender

There are two methods of use
IM3, for example.
First, through GSM Modem or Stand Alone.
Second, through direct connection to the SMSC (short message service center).
The first application, is quite easy and safe in operation.

All institutions can do, especially institutions that have many members. The advantages this way, users can easily manage or monitor the use of credits or charges that have been used.
"The software for SMS Stand Alone is equipped with the use of information," said Tommy Rusdiana, Project Manager GPS IM3.


Equipment necessary to application SMS Stand Alone is a PC or notebook, a GSM modem / phone and a data cable or infrared, SMS and software based. Specifications and PC operating system, PC minimum Pentium III, 64 MB RAM, 1.2 GB HD and HP as a GSM Modem (with a model that can be full duplex).

For a more knowledgeable, especially in charge of SMS would be charged to mobile phone users, the configuration that is suitable to the SMS distribution via short SMS Center number. With this configuration, not only sending and receiving SMS is faster, it is also possible menprioritaskan sending SMS. But, it is necessary for the IP (internet protocol) public. So, before SMS Center to connect, via the Internet should be first. With the short four-digit number, communication can be done with simple, cheap, fast, and easy to remember.