Friday, May 22, 2009

old compter optimal

solutions do in the case of Enouht Memory. Software so that the computer can run


Problem that happens is the memory is not able to accommodate / load the applications concerned. Many in the way that you can do when things happen like this.
First turn off the process that were big enough task when itu.di Manager.
And also the process that is not too important.
Try re-loaded.
When the feeling is still lacking. We add a virtual memory.
Windows in the way Windows + Pause entry system properties
Or directly in the system control panel à
Select the Advanced tab, click on the Settings column performace
Select more tabs Advanced.pada column Virtual Memory click change
On windows XP on the space available à costum size change initial size.
If your memory more than 256 Mb. Identify the value with its max value.
If it does not give the value of value RAM 2x
Then click set à ok, ok again.
Restart the computer. Try once again to its application tips


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